Milania Youthful 8 Collection Launch Party – It’s a Great Thing!

This week it is Teresa’s turn to shine! Wait she always shines, so on to the Milania Youthful 8 Collection Launch Party! Will there be drama? Will someone cry? Where are the other housewives? Milania Launch Party Bring in the Clowns Teresa Congratulations on the launch of the hair care products, they are amazing, just […]

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Teresa – Is she the new Danielle?

Hello My Lovelies, Where to start this blog? From my honest gut feeling, or do I keep it positive and kind. Well how about a twist of both. I am fed up, with the whole Team Teresa vs Team Everyone else. This isn’t what we the viewers signed up for when we started watching The […]

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The Teresa Show – #RHONJ

Photo Credit Bravo TV The Teresa Show I often wonder if the cast of the #RHONJ wakes up every morning of filming and says how can I get Teresa into the topic of conversation. After reading a lot of comments and I do mean a lot of comments, some good, some bad, some that utterly […]

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More Fabulicious Food of Teresa Giudice – Amazing Comfort and Love Food!

Wow this has been a week for making thing for sick friends. How many of us have friends or family members who are sick now? I know two families who are both sick and staying home due to the flu. So a group of healthy parents and families are taking care of their wants and […]

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Thanksgiving 2012 – Thank you from Team Giudice!

Thanksgiving 2012 – The Year of Many Thanks! Thanksgiving 2012 in the midst of sadness and joy. We have seen the worst of weather, but the best of humanity  We have seen a bitter election year, but we also saw two people from opposing parties come together and act like adults.  We have seen business tycoons act like children, but […]

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Words wonderful words!

Today I had a chance to exchange a few tweets with Dina and Caroline’s brother Jaime, he is a great person to follow, when he tweets it is from the heart! When he has something to say, he carefully chooses his words and how he is going to phrase something! He is a wise and […]

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Recapping Last Season!

  Good afternoon everyone! As I am sitting here watching last season play out and I am slowly realizing Melissa Gorga is a mean person. She invited Kim G to her house knowing full well of the issues she has with Teresa! Once she allowed Kim G into her home, she then had another issue […]

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