Hope, Faith, Love, Prayers and The Holidays! My Holiday Message to all of You!




Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy Hanukkah!


Wow what a year we have had. As we were awaiting Teresa’s return to her family, we also were settling into our own traditions of leaving cookies and milk for Santa, carrots for the reindeer, or making sure the most wanted gift was under the tree. As we hung stocking by the fireplace or favorite bookshelf corner, we took the time to remember friends and family far and near. As we planned for the holidays last year, we are doing the same now. In the past year we grew to see friendships, changed, and some end. We also grew softer in our hearts a family coming together and allowing no one to dismantle. We greeted two new real; housewives. We got to meet their families and learn about the Jewish faith.

For me this past year has been filled with challenges and triumphs. Getting a book mention was amazing. Having Teresa come home was even more amazing. My challenges have been seeing my page grow and with growth comes some detractors. As of this blogging post Team Giudice has almost 21,000 followers. My pride and joy with this page is how many people truly support it in the meaning it was created in. Positivisty, love, faith, hope, and peace. We will be returning to more of that in 2017.


Hanukkah and Christmas start the same day December 24, 2016. While Christmas last two days, December 24th and 25th. Hanukkah will carry on until New Years Day, January 1st, 2017. Some of the customs that the Jewish people celebrate during the Eight Days is light a menorah which is the center of the Jewish celebrations. You light a candle for each day of the eight days. It is a tradition that my cousin’s celebrate and have expressed to me how important it is to them. And it is important to me. Oh and the best thing is the supply of oil for the candles lasted eight days, wow, talk about magic and faith.


Traditions from my followers!

One of my followers said they always leave cookies for Santa because they know how hungry riding in a sleigh can be.

Another said they leave a shot of brandy for Santa to keep him warm on the cold winter night.

The Italian’s said they eat from the seven fishes. It doesn’t mean you eat seven fishes but you can enjoy as much or as few fishes as you want. My grandmother would work all day on December 23rd, cleaning clams, shrimp, white fish, mussels. crab, scallops, and we would mix that in a beautiful sauces of tomatoes, seasonings and it would cook for most of the day of the 24th, only to be consumed at a table set with big bowls and lots of bread. My favorite way of eat Cioppino is over pasta. Yes I am a carboholic. My grandmother always spoiled us beyond belief with her cooking. She put her heart and soul into it.

Another tradition is from Mexican culture of making tamales. If you have ever had these amazing, tasty, fabulous things homemade for you. Treasure it. Enjoy it. And eat it knowing that someone with a very fabulously big heart, made it with love. From pork, to chicken, to green chilies and cheese, you can find savory or sweet tamales. Each is as amazing as the next.

One of my friends from Facebook, makes soups for her family. She has four kids so they each have a favorite soup. Her son’s favorite is split pea. She always makes their favorites. SO when it time to pack up leftovers, she can send them home with soup. I once had the very special honor to have Christmas Eve with them, I left with a small glass jar of each soup. The best hot and sour soup ever. Thanks Linda for this tradition. We’ve started it on every Friday of December.

Another follower from Facebook commented that his family enjoys, getting new matching pajamas. They all gather home and each year they take an updated photo. Of the same scene from the 70’s. Now they add all the grandchildren and as next year comes around the first great grandchild. They also enjoy hot coco, cookies, and watching Christmas movies.

A bulk of my followers love the coming together as family and friends. Or knowing for a short time, big kids go back to being small being. That Christmas is truly for the kid in each of us. One follower mention that sometimes the holidays can be really hard on people. Thank you for remembering that.

For me sometimes the time from November to December gets to me. I would be a blubbering mess or I would just zoom though the holidays to get to January and say what did I miss. Let’s keep those people close to us. Check in on them. If you know they will be alone, invite them over for dinner. Or pack up a dinner for them. It doesn’t have to be fancy just have it come from the heart.

And we all want world peace. With all that is going on, they just want the wars to end. Countries to heal and people to be kinder to each other. We’ve seen far too much hate in this past year. We need to strive to change it. We need to make this planet a better spot and we need to do it now. We also need to remember everyone who is suffering this year, lets make 2017 a much kinder year!

My personal favorite is watching from the Vatican Christmas Eve Mass. I love seeing how beautiful St. Peter’s Basilicas is at Christmas. I love hearing the messages of the readings and the gospel that is said. Pope Francis has given so much hope to the Catholics of the world. Pope Francis is working to heal and help. We need to remember that. Healing and Help.


Whatever your traditions or customs are be proud of them. Even if it is staying up Christmas Eve hoping to catch Santa walking about your house leaving presents. Traditions and customs need to be preserved so future generations can have something to root them in the past, while creating new traditions and customs of their own. Perhaps in the future 3-D printers will be in every home, thus making gift giving easier. Or maybe we will go back to getting one big gift, with smaller must haves or needs. Whatever the future offers, we must always remember that we are so blessed to have what we do in our lives. And we must count who we have in our lives ever so much.

I wanted to get each of the ladies from NJ to share a tradition they enjoy with their families but sadly I couldn’t get it logistically worked out. So after watching these ladies for a season, talking to them on line, I have learned that all of the ladies are amazing. Each of them love their families beyond words. Each of them knows the importance of love, faith, family, prayer, and hope. Each of them knows how blessed they are. We’ve seen ups and downs with them and they still carry on. So if  your favorite tradition is doing cut out cookies and decorating them with icing, you better believe one of these ladies does too. If your tradition is staying up to watch movies on Christmas Day, you better believe one of these ladies does too. Whatever it is you do, enjoy it. Spend time with your families this holiday season. Put down the phones, the XBox, Minecraft, and other things. Focus on your family and make new memories that could be new traditions. Each of these ladies appreciates all the love, support, and compliments they get. Let’s make sure we keep the love, faith, prayers and hope going. We are an amazing group of people. We are fans to the best Real Housewives show ever. We are #RHONJFansForLife!

So from everyone at Team Giudice we would love to send you the best Holiday Greetings, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah. We know that by coming together, we can do amazingly big things.Please pray for the sick, or for the people who have no one to pray for them.  Let us also never forget the ones we have lost. And our military personnel who cannot be with their own families during this time. So as we sit down to eat lets raise a glass and thank them.


May the warmth of the holiday season be with you all. May the warmth of hot coco warm you from inside. And may the warmth of love, faith, prayer and hope always be with you. Just know you’ve made my life so much better. Thank you!

Much love from everyone at Team Giudice!




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Season Seven is Done! #RHONJ


What a season we have had. We saw Teresa Giudice comeback to her family and friends. We saw Melissa and Teresa bury the hatchet and sprinkle cookies. We saw Jac comeback and try to move on. We met two new wives, Dolores and Siggy,  who had the hardest jobs of them all. Staying neutral in the land of the Real Housewives Jungle. We met two wonderful friends of the real housewives. Robyn and Christina, for all to short of a time.

We scored millions of viewers each and every week. We saw dinners, skiing, and vacations, one of which was fun, the other was very sad to see. We saw two husbands have vastly different views on a dinner shout down. We even saw the return of Kim D., one of the ones I believe who wanted to take down Teresa at Melissa’s expense.

We got to see a mom come home, to her family. We got to cry over and over again. We even got this housewife to write a book about her life, tell her story, on her terms. That book was a NY Times best seller.

We got to see a new fashion show take shape. We got to see how a blonde shop owner spewed tea with others around. How dare this woman do that. How dare she. And of course we got to see a daughter of a cast member put herself on display in such a bad bad way.

Season Seven was a season to remember. Season Seven saw a spinning downfall of a real housewife and collateral damage being done. Someone please help this woman, she needs it badly. We saw the rise of a real housewife coming home from camp. She rose and she choose to friendships and relationships on her terms. So stop asking about her time away, she doesn’t want to talk about it. We saw  sisters in law support each other in personal and professional ways. We even saw the start I hope of a new fashion show to replace the other one. We saw two new wives play the real housewife game. We saw two friends being supportive and caring and making sure NYE was fun.

Season Seven was a ride I will never forget. For me it all started on December 23rd, Teresa’s release day. Waiting on one tweet one important tweet. Teresa is home and spending time with her family. She says go home to your family, and Merry Christmas. James J. Leonard, Jr., made me a promise a few days before going to Danbury, he said he would get her home safe. He kept his promise.

Teresa walked into her home, and it was almost like time stood still. Teresa is the only real housewife I know who could have survived all she did. She has come out of this, strong, more focused on what is important and what isn’t. Teresa found out something about friendships, some are easy and flowing, while others are hard, and judgmental. I am so glad Teresa gets to see people for who they are. Welcome home Teresa! Welcome back, too!

Since then I have developed friendships with him, his beautiful wife, Siggy Flicker, and friendships already developed grew stronger. Siggy Flicker Campanella is one of the kindest, sweetest, funniest, and most remarkable of the new real housewives to join any show. She made a dream come true, I got to speak to Teresa on the phone.

Thank you to everyone who has ever helped me this season. I couldn’t have done it without you. Here is to season eight. And what a way to end the season with a photo of a current real housewife with another real housewife doing yoga. Only time will tell if Danielle Staub is returning to the show. And only time will tell if Jacqueline Laurita’s time is truly up.

Some of my favorite photos of this past season. Hope you like them too! If I have missed anyone or thing please leave it in the comments. I look forward to season eight!

Average viewer numbers for Season Seven was 1.568, that is a really good thing! Let’s get that up and get #RHONJ Trending!





Thanksgiving 2016


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I am truly blessed to have so many great things in my life. I am so blessed for my son. He keeps me on my toes and is growing up to be a kind and considerate and compassionate kid. His grade really need improving, so that will be my goal and his goal on the next report card. He loves to go duck hunting with is papa. Just has a great time with him and his trusty hunting dog Leyla. With his nana he enjoys cooking and doing crafts.

My parents are amazing. They do so much for me and my boy. I do not know where to begin. Except they will be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary in September. I am so proud of them. This year has been a challenging year for them but they haven’t ever given up. Each of them takes the time to make life better for me and my son, and for that I am grateful.

To each and everyone of you who follows me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank You! We’ve had a really busy year. Our gal Teresa Giudice came home and back to her family. They got to celebrate a fun and big Christmas with her family and his. Joe was so happy to have his wife home, as were their kids. The reunion in the kitchen was so sweet. In our Italian home, everyone always gathers in the kitchen, some how its the heart of the home. We cry, we laugh, we love, we fight, we cook, and we enjoy life. The kitchen is in our souls!


Teresa and Joe Giudice with Gia, Gabriella, Milania, and Audriana! Photo Credit People Magazine 2015

I am more than grateful to everyone who has stood with Teresa and the family. I know for them it means the world to them. Teresa appreciates all of us. She really appreciated everyone who wrote to her and kept her going when she was at camp. I know I can safely say she was overwhelmed with all the mail she got.


Photo Credit Teresa Giudice

I am sure we are united in that we pray for Joe’s time at Fort Dix’s to go by fast, and that he comes home soon. We send our prayers to his mom to remain in good strong health and that his girls keep being the amazing humans they are. We miss you Joe!!

As we gather together to celebrate Thanksgiving, let us not forget how special friends, family, and faith are. We have been together for seven seasons, and I think this past season was one of the best seasons, ever. We got to see raw emotions. Remember when your with your family to put down the phones, join in the conversation and create memories in your mind and just not on social media.

Love to all of you! Happy Thanksgiving! May you all be well!





Tempers and #RAGE! Skiing Real Housewife Style!



Photo Credit Bravo


Hello Everyone,

Ratings for the first part of the Stowe trip were 1.76 million viewers, so that means combined will be in the high 2.7 or 2.8 range. Let’s keep this up, please. Let’s send Bravo a message, that The Real Housewives of New Jersey is important to us. Oh and on a great side note it stayed trending on Twitter during the West Coast airing of the show. To everyone who watches the show, thank you for that. It means when I remind people of the show on Sunday you are tuning in and tweeting out.

Brace yourself I am about to have an honest discussion about behavior from grown women. Let’s see who should I start with.

I adore Siggy and Dolores each comes from very different places with these women. Dolores has a long standing history with all of the Giudice’s, Gorga’s, Manzo’s and Laurita’s, it is with that history I wish she would have told Jacqueline to shut up. It is because of that history she has the place and expectation when a friend is acting a fool, to tell them to zip it. I did notice a big thing, is when Jacqueline drinks she has no voice control. It becomes loud and grating. I had an friends mother get like that, her own children were always embarrassed when she would drink, because they never knew when her voice would change.



Photo Credit Bravo


Siggy is a newer addition to the whole mix. I know she has a friendship with Jacqueline and I don’t fault her for that. What I was frustrated at is she should have said to Jacqueline, hey lets get up and go cool down. I would have appreciated if my friend would have done that for me. I’ve been the instigator a couple of times, and I’ve always felt bad after because of my behavior. Jacqueline was on Watch What Happens Live after the show, and she said something to the effect she was on her period? Ok I do not like when women use that as an excuse to cover bad behavior. So because I have horrible periods because of fibroids and ovarian cysts, I can blame that when I am nasty nope.

What I appreciated about Siggy and Dolores is they each saw what happened from different angles. Dolores was concerned about the risks to Teresa that a possible physical fight would have for her. Siggy was looking out for the harmony of the trip. They are both in a no win situations both with the cast and the fans, they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.  Moving on!

The bus ride on joy please Bravo never ever make us the fans sit thought something like that again. It was as Gia would say:



Photo Credit Bravo

The bus ride to Stowe was the base layer of what was to come. Seeing Jacqueline sit there and push Robyn over and over again was wrong. That is when Siggy and Dolores and Melissa and her own husband should have told her to shut up. And taken away the drink she was drinking. It was sad to see a now grandmother act that way. I mean come on your nearing 50, you have to take control of your mouth and the words that come out of it. Funny how Jacqueline loves to block people who disagree with her when they repeat her own words back to her. I truly hope that she gets some help because she needs it. Badly. In my opinion.



Arriving at Stowe at night was nice, I love going to resorts and getting there at night. To see the light white snow, with the lights is so pretty. Stowe looked amazing. I so wanna go skiing again in Vermont. I miss it, because of how much it meant to me in a former life. Oh well, life changed and I couldn’t be happier with how it changed for me. I am blessed!

The Villa’s look beautiful didn’t they? I mean nicely appointed! And someplace where my girls trip would love to stay. Go exploring during the day, cook and cocktails at night, my kind of resort. Moving forward!

Melissa and Joe are adorable. I believe they love to give each other bad times because it is who they are. Joe skiing was totally funny. I mean the only thing missing was Joe Giudice could you imagine the two of them skiing together. Me either, I see them sitting and sipping wine and eating Italian deli meats. With good bread, some olives, and peppers, and just talking. Melissa looked beautiful. Both Teresa and Melissa can wear clothing well.

Teresa I felt sorry for her, everyone else had someone special with them. Melissa/Joe, Chris/Jac, Robyn/Christina, and Dolores/Siggy. Teresa took this in stride. I have seen a change in her, a big change, she is no longer interested in the petty fights. She is working hard to take care of her family. Teresa in leopard print is her signature clothing accessory. She like Melissa can make hot pink, red, purples, and other jewel colors pop. Between their hair and eye color, they can rock things. It was nice to see Joe with the girls. Milania is the kid I want to have her own spin off, titled Oh Milania……..what have you done?!?! I also hope that Bravo finally gives us a Teresa spin off. That is my opinion!



Photo Credit Robyn Levy and Christina Flores


Finally, how long have I waited to see these two beautiful ladies on my screen, FOREVER! I love Robyn and Christina, they bring a different mix and energy to the show. A much needed push, but editing has taken a golden chance to showcase them in a good light, into a negative light, which isn’t fair. My friendship with Robyn started a few years ago on Twitter. She was someone who I could turn to with questions with various things. I still want to learn all about  As a fan page sometimes we get lucky and get help, when Robyn offered to help, I took it. For that I am forever grateful. Christina is Robyn’s better half. She is funny, sweet, kind and cool. Together they have built a great life together. I adore her, because they compliment each other. They have an amazing little boy named Jake, if you haven’t seen Jake you should follow both his mom’s on Twitter because he is adorable.



Photo Credit Robyn Levy and Christina Flores Jake and Milania

I felt so horribly bad for Robyn, as I have stated in a previous blog she is no ones solider! She is her own person, she was edited badly. Yes we all know the way Bravo loves to edit someone. Robyn and Teresa have been friends for a while. And Robyn was acting as a friend defending her friend. That doesn’t make you a solider. That makes you a friend. However I did love the humor Teresa tried to inject on the trail. That was funny.


Why is it ok for Jac to have had everyone defend her but Teresa can’t have that luxury? It isn’t. Jac has had Teresa’s own family as her ready made hit people  (now she doesn’t), she has had Kim D., Kim G., and Monica Chacon (lawyer kicked out of Joe and Melissa Christmas Party) and possible person who may have put the screws to the Giudice’s (JUST MY OPINION)! Jacqueline sat on a reunion couch as spew nasty mean things about Teresa and Joe, remember, she has her hitmen, ok hit women, sitting along side of her. Jac was pushing Robyn every chance she got, Jac is the one who has been pushing everyone this season. If anyone was putting Teresa at risk it was her, and not Robyn. I am sad that they brought Jac back, because from the first two seasons I liked her, she was funny, quirky, and nice, now to me, she seems bitter and mean. Maybe sometimes things are best left undone.



Photo Credit Getty Images for Bravo

Remember back to when they were close like this, they would go and support each other and each other kids at Fashion Week, at Christenings, and other events. Going to Chicago for Caroline’s brother’s wedding! Sometimes in life when a friendship is so fractured and broken, even with super glue and bandages and tape, it can never be put back together. There is always evidence of the breaks, hurts, words spoke, and actions done. I had hope for a friendship or at least a kindness between them, but now I don’t.



Photo Credit Getty Images for Bravo

My ten cents is I am enjoying this season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. What I am wanting more of giving Robyn and Christina a better edit. What I am wanting more of is seeing the families of these amazing ladies. Siggy and her story is something movies are made of. Dolores and her story is something we can learn from. Melissa and her family are cute, I have enjoyed seeing Italian dinners at her house. Jacqueline and her family have a struggle I wouldn’t wish on anyone, with that said, she should be proud of all of Nicholas’ accomplishment’s. And CJ’s too! Congrats to Jacqueline on the birth of her grandson. Teresa and her family is still revolving and evolving. She is a single parent, she is taking care of her four daughters as best she can, she has come out of Danbury and has been working hard. She won’t have it easy, yes she has family and friends helping her, but at night when she is home, I bet she misses Joe a lot.




Photo Credit People Magazine


It’s not easy being a single parent, I know, I am one. I do have help but when its me and him, I just hope I am doing the best I can. To make life better for him. That I put his needs above my own. At the end of the day, when I put him to bed, yes I still do that, and I kiss him good night, I pray that we find hope and faith to push through the hard times, remember the good times, and that we never ever forget someplace somewhere someone has it much harder than we do. I am forever grateful that he is in my life. Blessed.


Plus fifteen cents more: I’ve learned something from all of the women who have allowed us to see their lives. All of the women of the shows have let us see the good and bad about their lives. I admire Camille Grammer so much for allowing us to see what was a painful time of her life. I admire Tamra Judge because she shows raw emotion when talking about her kids. I admire Ramona Singer because she keeps moving forward, she has never given up, and they all deserve to be happy, all of them.  So I give the ladies my respect and love. Sometimes they drive me crazy and I don’t like what they do, I do respect them for putting cameras in their lives. Let’s face it, I don’t think I could do that ever. Could you?

Anyway that’s my blog! Please leave comments! Thanks for reading!!










Catching Up on the #RHONJ!


FreeForm Blog Style!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is fun to watch again. This season we have seen these five women struggle with parenting issues, life issues, and readjusting to life post Danbury. Siggy Flicker Campanella and Dolores Cantaina are two of the best adds to the real housewives franchise. Bravo and Andy did really well with bringing these ladies on the show. Siggy is a fixer, Siggy believes in peace and human kindness. Dolores is loyal friend, Dolores doesn’t believe in taking sides. Well each women believe in being Switzerland. By being Switzerland both of the ladies have promised not to pick a side. We’ve seen both of these ladies be remarkable in their own right.

Jacqueline well she is back, back to stir the pot. Why couldn’t she just understand Teresa isn’t ready to fix things, I just couldn’t believe when Chris had the guts to say that Teresa and Joe’s family is more screwed up, than his. What planet is Chris living on, is he on Mars, Saturn or the moon? Seriously Chris you really shouldn’t comment on families. Yours just imploded on itself. Caroline on WWHL saying she doesn’t have a relationship with her own sister. Then Dina’s kettle finally over heated, went off. I don’t blame Dina whatsoever for her reaction. Dina has never been one to air her dirty laundry on social media. But this time, the giant woke her up. Jac needs to mind her own business about The Gorga and Giudice and Waklie Family Issues. It’s not her business to sit there and be involved.

Siggy is a great lady. She comes from a huge place of good. I asked her on Twitter, she follows me, thank you beautiful. She didn’t watch previous seasons of the show, she wanted to come to the show, with a clean slate. Her heart is trying to fix many seasons and years of hurt, which cannot be fixed in a single lunch or dinner. This will take time, and during that time, I believe that Teresa knows Siggy is coming from a place of good. Siggy has no hidden agendas, Siggy just wants peace.  I’ve learned a great deal about love, compassion, charity, people, and words from Siggy. She is a fabulous lady who has the same heart. Oh Siggy and her ex husband, are very close and they both took the time to make sure, that the kids came first, and that they treat each other with respect and love. Bless them for doing that selfless act.  Welcome to the show and my life Siggy, you’ve been a positive add! Blessed am I.

Melissa wow she has changed. I think during Teresa’s time in Danbury, both ladies grew both spiritually and personally. Melissa for the eleven months Teresa was gone, was there for her husband. Joe must have had a really hard time during the eleven months. Having been able to get to know Melissa via a couple of DM’s and tweets, she truly wants and wanted the peace. When I saw growth was at the reunion. You all know the one in which Teresa sat sedate and calm and so did Melissa. I am so happy Melissa has her shop. I think this is the best thing she could have done with her time. As her beautiful children are growing up, she will have more time to herself and the business. Joe you need to see Melissa as a smart, sassy, fabulous, boss lady, mother, wife, daughter, in law. She is amazing and it should make you feel good she wants to showcase the Gorga name in a good light. By the way I love the look of the shop and how well it was built!

Dolores doesn’t she remind you of Dina in some really good ways. I first noticed it when she was at Teresa’s on NYE when she was in profile. She is coming into her own and she has a very handsome son and beautiful daughter. Both kids are smart and funny and love their mother tons. Dolores owns a few gyms, no wonder what she has a great shape. Dolores and her ex are good examples of how divorce should be. Frank her ex comes over for family dinner, to help re-do her kitchen, and to make sure she is ok. Dolores has been around the show before. Remember going to the Catskills, well Dolores rode with Caroline. And remember during the weekend away, how they walked around downtown? Ahh come on you remember. Don’t make me go flashback with you! I so wanna come and do Yoga and work out at Powerhouse Gym. Between Teresa and Dolores, I’d be in shape in no time.

Robyn and Christina are friends of the wives. However they are not getting the same respect that Kathy and Rosie are getting. It bothers me that so much of them was cut out of the season. They should have been given the same amount of time as Kathy and Rosie. Robyn and Christina are amazing women, mother to their little boy Jake, who will give Milania a run for her money. Robyn at some point has helped all of the real housewives with project they are working on currently or have worked on. Contrary to popular tweethood they are their own persons. Friendship to them is respecting the other person feelings and wishes. Which to me speaks volumes about them as people. Oh and I love how Robyn could so quickly get under Jac’s skin! Both Roby and Christina have been super kind to me and Team Giudice, they have always helped me, for that I am grateful beyond words.

Teresa last but not least! I can see a huge change in her. Since she got home, she is working her butt off. She is trying to spend every second she can with Joe. She wants Joe to create memories with his girls, so when he is gone, they have them. I cannot fathom how she isn’t falling apart over the impending time away. She has avoided the drama, even when she sat down with Rosie and Kathy and Joe for lunch, she wished them well. She said her door was always open to them. She did say she needed time. I am sad for them but if Melissa and Teresa could fix things, in time, I am hoping they can too. Teresa has an inner strength that is remarkable, special, nice to see. Yes she did wrong and she is working her butt off to make things right. Everyone deserves a second chance. Teresa and her girls are beautiful. Wasn’t it special to see Milania and Nicholas together? I mean her patients with him was good. We’ve seen Milania be crazy, funny, and silly but this was a nice new light for her. Gabriella is growing into a beautiful young lady. Audriana is such a cutie, with her big blue eyes, so cute. Gia and Teresa having a frank discussion about Joe was nice to see. Gia has had many rolls placed upon her, now I think she just wants to be a kid and not a co-parent. Teresa is working hard to make up for lost time.

Like I said before I am so happy with this season and how well it is going. I like the smaller cast size because you get to know people better. I am not looking forward in seeing Kim D., just between you and me, I believe she and a few other people worked to set up Teresa and Melissa. Why because they thought it would be a fast track pass to stardom. Kim D., and her shop have benefited nicely from Bravo, it’s time for another fashion show to step in and take its proper place in the sun. Melissa Gorga I wish you well for your upcoming fashion show. It looks so sexy, hot, fabulous, fresh and new, that someone is super jealous. The photos below are from Paul Zimmerman for Getty Images. They are from inside the runway and a room in the venue!


Generated by IJG JPEG Library Paul Zimmerman Getty Photos Photo Credit


Generated by IJG JPEG Library Paul Zimmerman Getty Photos Photo Credit

Time to get stuff done. I will be back next week for another blog! This one was freeform, hope you liked it. As always please give me feedback even if you don’t like something. I take all forms of critique well!





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Meet Robyn Levy and Christina Flores – They are no ones soldiers!



Hello Loves!

Sorry about the mix up about the #RHONJ last Sunday. I am suspecting Bravo didn’t plan for tennis to go as long as it did. Hopefully everyone stayed on Bravo until 9 to see an all new #RHONJ! I will comment on that in another blog. My purpose with this blog is to clear up some rumors and gossip regarding Robyn and Christina! They are both FRIENDS OF THE WIVES. While not officially on the Bravotv.com site, they are friends of the wives. I am upset they have not been given the same respect that Kathy and Rosie have. Bravo please add them to your webpage please!

**In the first version I got a few things mixed up, I wish to apologize to Robyn and Christina. In my hast to get a blog out, I messed up and I am owning my mistakes.**

**All photos were found on the web, I sent photos to Robyn for her permission to use them**

I’ve been reading a lot from a specific fan page for one of the #RHOBH who isn’t even a cast member of her show. Robyn Levy and Christina Flores are nobody’s soldiers. They are their own people who do their own thing in life. Robyn has helped almost all of the #RHONJ at one point or another from helping Jacqueline and Chris with BLK Water, doing a magazine spread because she is friends with Chris and Albie. Robyn did a photo shoot for them, free of charge.

Kathy has benefited from Robyn’s kindness by allowing her to promote her events at Robyn’s events. Robyn adores Kathy’s kids, she helped Kathy in hosting an event for Brain Tumor Awareness, she did this because she believes in giving back to her community. She hosted an event for the Brain Tumor Society. Helping Kathy and Richie and their family raise money to help fund research so we can abolish brain tumors in our society.

Robyn did an online piece with the Manzo family which can be found on Youtube, called, DiningOutWithTheManzo’s. Going so far as to do a two page spread in her magazine for them. Robyn uses her contacts and magazine to help causes she believes in.

As owner of Velocity Media, Robyn has an excellent work ethic. She works extremely hard for her clients to make everything perfect. When she find causes she wants to help promote she works her fingers to the bone, to make them amazing, well publicized, and well attended.


We’ve seen some of Robyn’s amazing work associated with Fabellini appearances with Teresa Giudice. Robyn and Teresa have amazing chemistry. They get each other. They understand each other. They are friends who do not ask hurtful questions. They are natural and easy friends. Teresa knows like she said, who her true friends are and are not. She knows who she can trust and who she can’t. Right now Teresa has some issues with Jacqueline and that is sad. More in my next blog!



When Robyn was called a soldier, it hurt her down to her core. She was upset that someone who doesn’t know her, has this opinion of her. I’ve known Robyn for about three years, she has helped me in my promoting Teresa and her appearances. All Fabellini events, Robyn was my go to contact person. Because she was the brand ambassador for the product. Which needs to comeback. I miss it! Yes it was that good!

During this time, I got to know her and her personality, which is amazing, high energy, and so very cool. Robyn and Christina are spouses. They each bring out the very best in each other. They have an amazing little boy, his name is Jake.

With the arrival of Jake both Robyn and Christina made making this world better for him and every child. Their son is so sweet, cute, and totally will give Milania a run for her money in the future.

So to me Robyn is a friend to each of the wives. She helps and gives because that is who and what her parents brought her up to do. She cares about people, and making their events better, richer, more special. Everyone should lay off Robyn until you get to see how amazing she and Christina are. They are nobody’s solider’s.

Just my ten cents! Take it or leave it. But this is who I know as a fabulous amazing friend. Robyn and Christina are great people. So leave them alone!






RHONJ – Episode 3-4


Hello Everyone,

Finally got a few moments to do this blog. Episode three was interesting to see. I actually felt sorry for Jacqueline Laurita because she needs Teresa’s family to have a story line. Her and Chris actually have it hard. But nothing like being in Danbury for 11 months or 41 months at Fort Dix. Joe and Teresa still have a huge way to go but they are getting closer with each passing day.

Teresa’s New Years Eve party was really nice to see. All the Gorgas and Giudice’s and family together. It was so nice to see cousin’s together celebrating the birth of a new year. But with the homecoming started a new countdown clock until Joe leaves. Seeing Sheila and Pete with their beautiful girls was nice. I know that they have worked hard while Teresa was gone in helping with the kids. I know Joe’s sister Maria and Duma (husband) helped out too. At one point, one of the Aunt’s had all eleven at one house. I take my hat off to all of them who worked to make sure those girls were protected, loved, and cared for.


Siggy was in Boca Raton enjoying some sun, wait, New Jersey had no snow this past Christmas. In fact from a follower on Twitter said it was a great comfortable t-shirt and shorts weather. Dolores went between Teresa and Jac. Teresa made a phone call to say Happy New Year to Jac. Which of course she didn’t appreciate. We so need to move on with this, either be friends or not. But learn to be kind Jac, Teresa is home less than 96 hours. Give her some space to breath and get accustomed to being home.

Countdown was special everyone hugging each other. It tore me up to see Gia and Filomena (Joe’s Mom) hugging. Leaving it at that.


Moving forward!

Dolores Birthday Party reminded me of past seasons 1 and 2 of the show. Light, funny, kind, and cute. It was so nice to watch. It was nice to hear Teresa describe “camp” The show was fun. Especially seeing Melissa get tanked, so happy Teresa drove that day. I am sure with every new day there is something Teresa appreciates being home again. She will miss Joe when he leaves. But she has the support of some amazing friends and family.


There isn’t much more to say other than I wish we would have had a new #RHONJ on tonight. I don’t understand why they needed a break. Ratings need to be going up so please let’s make an effort to see they go up. However they are keeping steady at 2,4 overall, which is good. But lets get them up.

So far I am enjoying this season. I do miss the twins and Dina tons. I know some fans do not feel that way especially about the twins. But if Teresa can work at forgiving them for what was said, so can I. Teresa and Nicole have been very supportive of me and that is kindness reciprocated.

Watch What Happens Live - Season 11

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE — Pictured (l-r): Giovanni Aprea, Teresa Aprea, Salvatore Napolitano, Santa Napolitano, Nicole Napolitano and Rino Aprea — (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)


Oh and in the coming episodes we get to see more of Robyn Levy and Christina Flores! I cannot wait for you all to see more of them. They are beautiful women. They have an adorable son named Jake. So coming up as they say!! When I get permission to post a photo of Jake I will!


Hugs and love,


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