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Over the past few weeks, I have been doing more experimental cooking with my family and friends. Well the four recipes I chose, really met expectations of both taste, quality, and easy of preparation.  Most of you know I love to cook and I consider the three books Teresa Giudice and Heather MacLean have graced us with as my new found Italian Cooking Bibles. The recipes are full of good things, and good things help benefit us in good health and good weight.  Just like Teresa likes to tell us, when you start with good ingredients you come out with amazing food. Well the following recipes are no different. I added a fourth one because we did it for Lenten Friday.

Gabriella’s Bolognese Sauce

My mom and grandmother each made their own versions of Bolognese sauces, one was refined and tasty, the other was a hodgepodge of what meat was left over. My mom uses all veal for her sauce, so that makes her even more refined. Well Teresa uses a mix of pork and veal which adds a depth of texture and flavor, my mom’s lack. I love how Teresa uses her “The Quickie” Tomato Sauce as the base for this fabulously great recipe. Not only it is a hit with my family but to the events I have made this dish for, there is never any left over, which to me is a good thing. My friends have now bought all of Teresa’s cookbooks because they know how good they are. I like making this fresh the same day as I am going to serve it. Just something about the smell of this dish brings back happy memories of my Italian heritage.

Las Vegas Caesar Salad

Hands down one of the best Caesar dressings I have ever had. I have now sworn off bottled Caesar dressing for good. I love anchovies but if you don’t like them, you can always omit them or just put one or two in. I also love the taste the balsamic vinegar brings to this dressing. It is a depth of flavor that was lacking in other Caesar dressings I have made before. I love how you can make a good quantity of it and have it on hand. I love adding grilled chicken, prawns, and meat to this dish for a heartier dinner option for hot summer days. This dressing is also good with some veggies cut up and kept in the fridge for snacking. My son who cannot stand anchovies, loves this dressing because he says it’s made with a lot of love and good ingredients. He is so right, funny how kids keep us on our toes. So make this dressing for your next Caesar salad and you will be hooked.

Gnoochi with Pink Tomato Sauce

Growing up as a child my two favorite birthday dinners always had one thing in common, gnocchi.  I could do a steak with gnocchi or roast beef with yes gnocchi  No matter what one of the things I had to have for part of my dinner was gnocchi. In the city that I live in, we have a very amazing, Italian restaurant  and they feature a dish similar to this one.  I love this dish during the winter because it is Italian comfort food. I love gnocchi as a main dish but this could be added to your favorite meat as a side. This sauce and dish is a labor of love and when I make it, I feel like the best part of me is alive. Teresa and Heather have made all of the books tasty, fabulous, and wonderful. I thank them both. Because I believe Teresa has brought back the family meal time, which in every household should be made a priority.

Hot Mussels Marinara

Wow talk about a dish with many uses. You can make them as an appetizer, and they would be a show stopping event making center piece appetizer. Or you can like me make them for a Lenten dinner during Lent. In the Catholic religion during the 40 days leading up to Easter Sunday, the churches teaching is that you do not eat meat on Fridays. So when my parents and I hit a wall on the usual meatless Friday’s of Lent, I said get me some mussels and I am making a dish that is spicy, tasty, hot, and somewhat sexy to eat. Yeah I know a sexy dish shared with parents and a son, not someone’s idea of hot.  You do a lot of work in cleaning the mussels and pulling the beard off of it but it all turns out to be fabulous.  Why this dish would be a fabulous appetizer is how easy they are. You don’t need a whole lot to make a dish fancy and special. With this dish it is a fun way to eat mussels and share in a great night of family love. Or even date night love.


The reason why this page is positive is because Teresa herself has tweeted out on several occasions that how she wants it to be. I am kind and nice to everyone because it is the right thing to do. I will not jump on the bandwagon and pile on the hurt, it isn’t fair.  Teresa is the break out star of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, she has rocked three amazing cookbooks, soon to be four. A hair care product line that is out of this world fabulous. She is raising four young daughters, has parents who she actively helps care for, in-laws that love and adore her, a husband who at times can be gruff but is very proud of all of her achievements. Teresa works hard, she has fought for all she has gotten. Like all housewives she just wants a little respect and love. Like we all do. I adore Teresa because to me she shows us that hard work pays off. Whether or not in relationships working and personal, dieting with her books I have lost a total of 23 lbs. And counting.  Sometimes in life you  are given challenges to test how well you can handle them,  Teresa has shown she rises above it all.  Teresa is a fighter!

Congratulations to Teresa Giudice, Uptowne Girl Salon and Hair By David for a hugely successful product signing event. The event at Uptowne Girl Salon was to benefit the charity Teresa played for on Celebrtiy Apprentice.  Seeing all the tweets of pleased salon owners and happy fans is what Teresa lives for, she adores all of her fans.  Teresa has some of the most loyal and loving fans around. Congrats to everyone who went and met the fabulous, amazing, and appreciative Teresa at these two events. Keep sharing your photos and your stories because I love seeing and reading about all the happy fans.

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CONGRATULATIONS to Dina Manzo, Laura Bobek Lutarewych and everyone at Project Ladybug on your fabulous gala this past weekend in Chicago.  ABOLISH CANCER IN CHILDREN NOW! And to everyone who worked on the event, I have heard everything positive and great about the event and it’s location. Congrats again to all! xo

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Welcome back to the first ladies of Bravo TV – The Real Housewives of Orange County are back next Monday, April 1st. Followed by part two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  And keep voting to keep Lisa Vanderpump and Gleb Savchenko on Dancing with The Stars. We know that our  millions of viewers can deliver ratings to hopefully give Lisa and Gleb the mirrored ball trophy.





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