Milania Youthful 8 Collection Launch Party – It’s a Great Thing!


This week it is Teresa’s turn to shine! Wait she always shines, so on to the Milania Youthful 8 Collection Launch Party! Will there be drama? Will someone cry? Where are the other housewives?

Milania Launch Party

Bring in the Clowns



Congratulations on the launch of the hair care products, they are amazing, just like you. I was really proud of you for calling Melissa to warn her about two guest who were going to be at the party. That was totally a good thing. We all love Milania your daughter because she brings the necessary laughter moment of the show. Her boobies, where totally funny, I used to stuff my bra’s too. Still wish I did.

Seeing Priscilla at your house was so nice. She is a fabulous lady who clearly loves  you and your family! Gia is growing up way too fast, her face shows so many emotions and so many truths. You must be so very proud of her. All your family is fabulous, Melissa included. I just wish her family wouldn’t tweet negative things about you. I think since your family doesn’t do it of her, she should tell hers to zip it.

The party was great all until Jan chose to make it about her and not your fabulous product. The chat between Melissa and Jan and Penny should have been done at another event or time. It was so very cool seeing a brief shot of David Antunes, he is such a great man. Thank you for bringing us together.



Just saying that it isn’t Teresa’s fault your former bff’s loyalty isn’t with you right now. Whatever happened in the past is the past. I am sorry that these so called friends of yours feel the need to talk out of turn. NO one not even you as a mother should have rumor’s like this out there. Clear them up Melissa, take an ownership role in it, and kill it.  I loved how Teresa called you to tell you who would be at the party. And I also loved how she said she would have your back and she did. She is also owed a lot of I am sorries, I hope she get’s them.

Loved seeing you and Joe and the kids, that is a so cute and so nice to see. Keep up the good work.



You need to tell Richie you didn’t want to test kitchen, especially if the only one he could find was way way way out there.  I really enjoyed seeing you and Caroline bonding because I think  you both share things the others don’t. Your children are both older and are ready to start the leave the nest thing. It was nice to see two women shop and talk and just be friends. That was well done.


It was great seeing you with Kathy you both are bonding in a good way. I hope you and her make a good friendship. What made me sad was seeing the whole Manzo family together, fighting on where to place a rug. I think the apartment is good for you and Al but not with all the others. I also think your place is back at the house, I am worried about your relationship with Al, I hope I am wrong but I hope you two work out the issues you are having.



So you were home all of what 20 minutes before you needed more ME time. Why couldn’t the babysitter have stayed to babysit while you and Chris went to couples night? I also wish you would have had your surgery done in NJ or NY.  Wow I am impressed your blog doesn’t mention Teresa, are you saving it up?


Final Thoughts

I was happy the drama at Teresa’s party was left to a minimum.  Glad Jac and Nicholas had a good reunion. Personally I have been feed to many lies about the relationship between Penny and Teresa. Since we now know that they are not best friends, close friends, or even friends, I wish they would just stop. Whatever happened between Melissa and Penny and Kim D, shouldn’t have been used to bash Teresa. What has happened in the last two season was wrong, what is happening now is good, Teresa deserves to be vindicated in everything. Let’s move on and stop blaming Teresa. It’s done!

I really wish the other wives would have been asked to attend this party because I think they all deserve sometime together. This was at a point were all was good, and we hope the the trip to Arizona it stays that way; however, something tells me Kathy get’s upset at something the blond headed lady says!


Really Final Thought


Because it seems that the lady in the fabulous colorful top could explain a lot, let’s get Danielle back for a few shows and her explain a few things! Just saying!



Teresa – Is she the new Danielle?


Hello My Lovelies,

Where to start this blog? From my honest gut feeling, or do I keep it positive and kind. Well how about a twist of both. I am fed up, with the whole Team Teresa vs Team Everyone else. This isn’t what we the viewers signed up for when we started watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey, five years ago. Caroline, Jacqueline and Teresa are the three original cast members to have been with the show since season one. Kathy and Melissa were added that last two seasons. First we miss Dina but we understand why she left when she did. Second we have seen so many tweets this year about the former cast member Danielle Staub returning to the show. in what capacity we do not know. I for one would love this to happen. And here is my reason why!

Everyone is jealous of how Teresa became the break out star of this show. She went out and made the show a hit with the flip, and she went out got the book and other endorsement deals. She worked her butt of all the while taking care of four small children. And her parents and being a fabulous wife to Joe. Does she say she is prefect, far from it, Teresa says what she means and means what she says. When she said she had nothing to do with the Melissa set up, I believe her. She would have way to much to loose if she did. Like her relationship with her parents. Teresa wouldn’t hurt her parents like that.

We have seen every cast member go to great lengths to gang up, verbally attack Teresa, and then play victim, they are not the victims. Teresa hasn’t changed since season one. She has remained the constant of that show. She is a caring and funny person. Does her mouth sometimes get the best of her, yes it does, just like it does with all of us. Since they no longer have Danielle to kick around, they needed to put someone in Danielle’s shoes, well they chose the wrong person. Teresa shouldn’t have been the kick person. Bravo Tv underestimates the power of the Team Teresa Machine on social media.  I run Team Giudice, the one with 8,400 followers, the one mentioned in PeoplePets.Com, on #WWHL, on Social Editions of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and finally in Teresa Giudice’s blog on

My views on these last two seasons, is simple. Once Teresa got her book deals, Fabellini line, Milania Hair Care, and Skinny Italian Food deals, all the other cast mates were more than jealous.  Everyone was probably suspecting that Caroline Manzo would be the one to have the break out role, but she didn’t. Dina Manzo put her butt in gear and got another show, when she chose to leave the RHONJ. Jacqueline Laurita has become a loose cannon, have you seen her scathing Twitter rants towards Teresa? If you haven’t, they have been the most epic of rants. Mean and hurtful and tasteless comments. Kathy Waklie is enjoying some fame because of her desserts, which on the show look amazing. I actually wish her well in this. Melissa Gorga, saw all that Teresa got because of hard work and determination do. So she got on her sister in laws show and went after her. Wrong! Instead of saying she wanted the deals, went out and worked her butt off to get them.

We have seen many bloggers go to great details to proven, via accurate and believable timelines, information from people who aren’t using Teresa for fame, and from the way the show is edited to prove, Teresa didn’t have anything to do with the set up of her sister in law.  I have it on very good information from a friend of Teresa’s that she only wishes good and happy things for her friends and family. We have seen how Teresa makes each of her fans feel like they are the only one in the room. She takes to Twitter and shows off her pride in her girls. Teresa isn’t an evil person.

So let us all understand, yes I support the family peace now because of the recent legal events to happen in the lives of Teresa and Joe. Second I still love and adore Teresa and her family because they are amazing people. Third is I would love for Danielle to come back to set some truths in stone, to prove to the world that certain people where emailing her giving inside family information. Fourth if I see one more Tweet about how Teresa was in on the set up, I may call that person out. I want all the so called insiders to know that they should give their names. Stop being cowards in hiding behind that title close friend.

Teresa hasn’t changed since season one, what has changed from season one was the kick girl. When Danielle wasn’t asked back, or left the show on her own accord, people at Bravo, picked the new kick girl, Teresa. I am upset that they chose to do this. Teresa has been a loyal person to Bravo and has helped put Bravo on the map. Table flips and family drama aside Teresa Giudice is still the break out star of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and she is owed some respect and love and better tv then what she has been getting. Teresa’s fans who are numerous are loyal and loving why it is simple, it’s because Teresa is kind and nice.

Ok now that I have said my peace, now it is your turn. Please leave a comment and tell me if I am off base or if I am hitting the nail on the head.


SM Team Giudice


The Teresa Show – #RHONJ


Photo Credit Bravo TV

The Teresa Show

I often wonder if the cast of the #RHONJ wakes up every morning of filming and says how can I get Teresa into the topic of conversation. After reading a lot of comments and I do mean a lot of comments, some good, some bad, some that utterly do not make sense, and other slamming her family. I finally have come to the conclusion that this show needs a recast of a few cast members. I will let you all draw who should be let go and who should be kept.



The Blog Break Down

It took all of 3 minutes into the show before we had our first reference to Teresa. Then the avalanche started from there. I have often joked with my followers on Twitter that I am surprised that they haven’t blamed, Super Storm Sandy on Teresa. The great crash of the 1920’s stock market, the Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping, and the recent airline crash landing in SF all on Teresa. Come on Andy and crew please let’s move on from this, it’s old and tiresome and sad that the show hasn’t been renamed in honor of the true star, Teresa Gorga Giudice!


Teresa we all know how hard this is on you. We also thank you for keeping your commitments and allowing the camera’s still to roll. We also are thankful and grateful for your rising above it all. Now matter what you try to do or not do, your never given credit for it. You tried at the gym with your brother, you tried at dinner with the ladies, when you were hit with Melissa’s friend unloading on you. What I wish Bravo would allow on air, is the shot of you walking away. We understand how upsetting this is on you and your parents and your family. We hope that you get a spin off because you have endured way too much bad, you deserve to be shown in the manner in which your friends see you. You have a great many friends who take to Twitter to speak on your behalf. We love them for that. I relish being an Italian and I relish the fact that Italians are some fabulous people! I love our food, country, and our culture. We are fabulous people who have given the world a lot. I also love the pride I feel when I hear my great last name said, it’s a tongue twister, but it’s my tongue twister of a name. Teresa we all know your a proud mother, wife, daughter, sister, and sister in law, so go do your thing in making your life better! You live a FABULICIOUS LIFE! Is your life easy, I would say no, is your life perfect, again I would say no, but you have done a fabulous job at building your brand!


I am also finding it interesting that the friend who was in Melissa wedding is now bad mouthing her. What I wish editing would have shown was Teresa in fact getting up and walking away. But then again, why would they want any good light on Teresa. We’ve seen Penny for the first time this season, I think at a certain point, they need to cut ways with her. I don’t trust her. I also do not like the fact that it was in her salon that Kim D., brought Teresa to get her hair and make up done at. Especially when we have seen Teresa get ready at home for all past events.  Melissa, your sister in law cannot help it if your friends want to confide in her about you. But that doesn’t give you the right to have your group of friend’s sit there and bash Teresa. Just saying! Because I do not believe that Teresa actively goes looking for your friends to gather gossip. Teresa is far to busy being a mom of four, a wife, sister, daughter, friend and sister in law to worry about  your life.  So can we please move on. Thanks! Why is it that Sheila and Maria don’t have the same issues with her as you seem to have?!?!


What I am also observing on the show is Jacqueline acting all queen bee about things, without ever seeing that if Teresa wasn’t such a good friend, she would have never been there for all the crap Ashlee put Jac thought. Teresa sat with Jac’s when she was upset over Ashlee, she was there when Ashlee went on ape on Danielle. She was also there because they gave birth near the same time in understanding being on national TV, pregnant. We’ve have seen a complete and utter train wreck going on in Jac’s life. Stop blaming all bad things on Teresa they are not her fault! And Jacqueline please take this in the manner in which it is meant, how about you stop talking about Teresa, if you truly do not want anything to do with her, then drop her name from your life. Until you do, you only prove Teresa fan’s right and that you are obsessed and crave the attention you get. You have far more important things going on in your life, for you to be this consumed with Teresa. That also includes Twitter and Facebook posts, because as you can see Teresa is far too busy living her life Fabuliciouly!


Kathy, Kathy, Kathy I know that you have to take calls on speaker phone, but you should have just not taken the call from Teresa. Jac looked like a spoiled child, who’s best friend suddenly broke up with her. I support you in every-way from the baking, to a cook book because I think  yours on desserts would be a perfect compliment to Teresa cook books, to you being a mom of two amazing children.  I also think you need to sit down with Richie and tell him what you need. And stop him from going about it behind your back. Finally I think seeing the true light of Jac! I wish you and your family all the best, I also hope that one day soon, you can all be together celebrating the kids graduations, parties for family and celebrating the fact that you, Rosie, Joey G, and Teresa come from fabulous stock, being Italian is so cool and so amazing. I relish being an Italian and I relish the fact that Italians are some fabulous people!


Caroline empty nest feeling, down sizing a house that is now a rehab center for abandoned animals. I feel sorry for you because of something you said in the first or second season, your pushing them out the door with one hand while holding onto all with the other. You are in a strange new position. One that I hope finds you some balance and peace, and hopefully you can make up with Dina. As I have tweeted with your brother Jaime, who is a fabulous man, so is your sister Dina, so let’s get that relationship back together. Just like you want for Teresa and Joe’s parents to see them together, I am sure your folks would love that too. Be proud, your parents have a great family, one that right now is in some turmoil, and one that needs fixing. Make it happen because as we all know it a big person to do the first baby step. Let that bigger person be you! I am sure you are missing Lexi and Dina a lot, so go make up! And be a proud Italian family!


Some of you wonder how I can manage to keep the team_giudice team page positive, well one, I don’t like hate. Won’t tolerate my son being hateful, so I ask not to be included in on the mean or hate filled Tweets. Second is Teresa herself have asked her fans to be classy and not trashy. Third is while I cannot control what other fan’s say about Teresa and the rest of the cast, I can ask that you don’t include us in the bashing. I have a lot of Teresa’s family who follow me, especially Gia and Gabriella, and I won’t let them be hurt by anyone. They already have enough to deal with in life and in growing up, they don’t need to see anymore of the hate.

This page is a labor of love for the fabulous, unstoppable, and amazing Teresa Giudice. She does appreciate the support and the page. SO let’s all get out there and work to do good. Because that is all Teresa wants is good things for all of her friends, family and fans!


More Fabulicious Food of Teresa Giudice – Amazing Comfort and Love Food!


Wow this has been a week for making thing for sick friends. How many of us have friends or family members who are sick now? I know two families who are both sick and staying home due to the flu. So a group of healthy parents and families are taking care of their wants and needs. So all three of Teresa’s books have been cooked from a lot. Especially the soups.

Italian Wedding Soup

Ok I have cooked and reviewed this before, my dad loves good food and good soups. When we (my mom and I) made this he raved about it. Said it was one of the best Italian Wedding Soups he has ever had. I take any praise like that to heart because my dad is old school Italian, where you cook from the heart and when you dish it up, it comes from the heart. Instead of making the meatballs out of turkey, we did a pork, beef, and veal mixture. And it came out fabulous. I love this soup because I can get my son to eat spinach and like it. He also love Won Ton Soup because everything is cooked together which makes the flavor of the soup even better. Family number one loved it. So I am making them another container of it this weekend.

Rustic Lentil Soup

This was my first attempt at making this on my own. With the help of two boys who chopped carrots and celery and cleaned the lentils.  When I cook I love to share what I am doing with who ever is around and yes sometimes I pretend to have my own cooking show. Haha I wish. This soup is a favorite of everyone I know. Lentils eaten at New Years are supposed to be a sign of good health, good wealth, and prosperity for the new year. So family number one and two got two containers of this soup. I love lentils because they are filling, make your tummy happy, and with added pasta in the soup, a meal in itself. Soup is something I could eat during the summer because it is the ultimate in comfort food.  Why I love Teresa and her cookbooks as I have said before, she puts a piece of her heart in each book.

Fontina Potato Torta

Talk about comfort food at it’s best, this is it. In one dish you have two amazing comfort foods as least in my world.  Cheese and potatoes. OMG can it get any better than this. NO it can’t.  We recently thought it would be a cool idea for my boyfriend’s parents to meet mine, so my parents hosted dinner. Both families got along great and guess what, are very happy their son and I are together. We did a ham baked in the oven with a Ginger Ale Apricot glaze. SO we chose to make these potatoes, we had NONE LEFT. Every bit of them was eaten. That is a nice compliment when there are no left overs. Both dad’s love Fontina cheese, the two boys loved the creaminess of the torta, the mom’s loved the fact that these potatoes actually cooked. Soft and tasty and so yummy.

My Views on Teresa!

We all know from seeing Teresa and her fabulous family how much she loves them. How she wants them to eat healthy, be healthy and happy.  We see how much time and effort she puts into being a mom. Not only does Teresa do appearances, meet and greets, book signings, bottle signings!  But she also has time to make sure her daughters know how important they are to her.  She makes her friends feel the same way. People mistake Teresa for being a fake or a phony but we all know differently. She bleeds and hurts just like the rest of us. She smiles during the pain but she has managed to teach us a lot, like when the chips are down, to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move forward. Teresa has created a huge new empire because people accept her flaws, faults and all. She will stand on the sidelines of Gia’s dance competition and dance around. She will have people in who do not have power at there homes and feed them. She will pick up her father from the hospital and feed him till he is healthy again. She will tweet congrats to her sister in law on her book deal. We all see the good Teresa does. We all know how hard she has worked at making her family and home her number one priority. We love Teresa because she is real just like us. She is a proud and fabulous woman, who is simply a mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend, and one of the Realest Housewives around. Teresa Giudice is fabulous.


Thanksgiving 2012 – Thank you from Team Giudice!

Thanksgiving 2012 – The Year of Many Thanks!

Thanksgiving 2012 in the midst of sadness and joy. We have seen the worst of weather, but the best of humanity  We have seen a bitter election year, but we also saw two people from opposing parties come together and act like adults.  We have seen business tycoons act like children, but have seen children helping children. We have seen so much sadness this year, at least I have. It has been a really hard year to put my finger on and say it’s been great or it’s been really bad, it’s been right down the middle.

My personal thanks are for my son and his happiness and health. My parents and that I still have them. I am blessed for my immediate family and friends. Blessed to have the amazing extended family that I do. I am more than grateful for my boyfriend and his son, truly the best surprise of the year. We spent a wonderful evening last night watching a football game, huddled under a blanket, and having a great time. While eating a few snacks in the parking lot, two older women came over to compliment me on my boys. I smiled and said thank you. The women asked their ages and I said 8 years old, and then the women looked at me, they aren’t twins, I said no. One is my son by birth the other is my boyfriend son from a previous relationship.  Each woman said, they get along so well, I said, yes they do, and we hope it stays that way. So they walked back to their tailgating party and I waved as we were packing up our gear to head into the park. As we walked to the gate, I looked at the boys in my life, and felt something I haven’t in a long time, joy. It is a nice feeling, I’d suggest it to everyone!

My professional thanks are for still having a job, having fabulous bosses who allow me to work from home 80% of the time. Only making me come in at month end. My co-workers who give me a lot of interesting and completely bizarre expense reports to reconcile. I love the challenge that they all give me. I am blessed because I have found a job that allows me a lot of enjoyment. I am actually working on Black Friday so I can take a few extra days off at Christmas time. because we are taking the boys to see the Nutcracker!

To some of my followers who are still dealing with the Super-storm Sandy aftermath, you have my undying love and prayers. For you are the truly strong ones in life, the ones I am in simple awe over. To the families who lost people in Aurora Movie Theater shootings, how you go on day to day inspires me to do better. To people who are working to abolish cancer in children, we need a cure soon because no child should suffer.  To the brave men and women who are fighting in foreign lands thank you for your service to our nation, to your families thank you for sharing these fine people with our great nation.

Now for my Twitter thanks, I thank each and everyone of my followers for making this account really special. I will be tweeting more things and a surprise or two. So please if you are already following me keep following, and thank you. If your not or know someone who loves Teresa Giudice you should because she and her family are fabulous. Thank you everyone for the love and the trust you place in me! I wish for you all a Happy Thanksgiving and I hope wherever you are spending it, you have a great day!

Words wonderful words!

Today I had a chance to exchange a few tweets with Dina and Caroline’s brother Jaime, he is a great person to follow, when he tweets it is from the heart! When he has something to say, he carefully chooses his words and how he is going to phrase something! He is a wise and wonderful man who should have his own show, but I think he enjoys making the guest shots on RHONJ and Dina’s Party!

Why am I talking or blogging about him, well next week Bravo TV is showing his wedding to his partner, which is something special in of its own self! Mr. Laurita and his husband are two people who believe in marriage equality for all, not just some! I adore Jaime and I adore how much he loves his family! Yes both Dina and Caroline, I love how he hasn’t inserted himself into their problem! He just loves them both, like any brother would!

Jaime was asked about Caroline and Dina’s not talking to one another, so my tweet back to him and the person asking the question, was why were the twitter-sphere bringing the drama to him? I said this is supposed to be about his wedding, which he allowed to be filmed and shown on the show, it wasn’t about Caroline or Dina.  Jaime was nice in his reply and his words were measured and perfect, something I have come to expect of him.  He is someone worth following and listening to, he is wise very wise and I think in the brother department with Jaime both Caroline and Dina have a good brother! Let Jaime and Rich have their time to shine and let them enjoy this special and wonderful day! Plus Beantree Coffee is amazing!

Jaime’s twitter handle/webpage are


In contrast to a lovely exchange, my heart and happy and positive soul is getting tired of seeing all the mean tweeting.  Folks as Dina said at the table flipping dinner party from season one, we have much better thing to worry about.  I am frustrated at it all! I am upset with the show, I am hurt that we have to see Teresa being cast as a mean girl, and that everyone else gets a pass this season! I have been reading a few blogs and I do have to say, everyone who has blogged about this show, this season has been really cool! I enjoy reading all the blogs! Thank you for helping in making my life easier to tweet about Teresa, she is a wonderful and loving and caring and giving and compassionate and fabulous woman.  Yes like us all she is not perfect, has never claimed to be prefect, and has never lived a pious life! When the chips were down, it was Teresa who got off her wonderful rear end and went out and not only wrote one best selling cookbook but she wrote THREE! She launced a great beverage line, cosmetics line, and it wouldn’t shock me if she chose to do a jewlery line, or housewares line! Whatever Teresa has done, she has done it with style, grace, and she has been working hard! Ever see her miss something one of the kids is doing? Ever see her not tweet her pride in her children? Ever see her bash any of the other wives on line? Ever see tweet mean or hurtful things to anyone?

Teresa Gorga Giudice is an amazing woman! She has worked hard to get the fame she has achieved! When Donald Trump cast her on his show, he knew what he was doing! I so enjoyed watching Celebrity Apprentice this season because of the fabulous and wonderful Teresa Giudice!

This is why Teresa is amazing! 

Recapping Last Season!

Real Housewives of New Jersey

Melissa, Teresa, Caroline, Jacqueline and Kathy!


Good afternoon everyone! As I am sitting here watching last season play out and I am slowly realizing Melissa Gorga is a mean person. She invited Kim G to her house knowing full well of the issues she has with Teresa! Once she allowed Kim G into her home, she then had another issue to deal with Monica C, the lawyer who not just days ago did Teresa have a discussion with! I am all for family not liking each other 24/7/365 but there is a respect factor that should have understood! Watching this old season again is really hard!

Melissa Gorga is someone who knows how to play the victim and the villain all in one! She and Joe were wrong to leave Teresa’s home on Christmas Eve! They were wrong to start a fight at their son’s Christening! They were wrong to pull away friends from Teresa! And they were wrong to come onto a show with the hopes of fame and love, only to drive a knife into Teresa’s back! Teresa wanted to protect her family and Joe’s from the cameras, now we come to find out Melissa and Danielle had an email relationship! Melissa was feeding Danielle all the family drama! How dare she do that to Teresa!

We have all seen how Teresa operates on Twitter and Celebrity Apprentice! She is a rock solid star! She rose above the hate and mean tweets, she rose above the financial mess she and Joe are in! She rose above her so called friends supporting others on CA.  She rose above Jacqueline mean and vile tweets about her setting up Melissa! We now have the benefit of two great and caring bloggers have painstakingly set the record straight! There are so many wonderful people who have chosen to help set the record straight! They will be named in this blog and they will get the thank you’s when they season starts! I am just requesting that we remember that while this is a show to us, to Teresa this isn’t a show! Its her real life blood and family! So lets keep the posts positive and kind and caring! And lets pray that one day Joe and Melissa realize just how much Teresa has done for them!

Sending lots of love to everyone! And wishing for the fans a happy season of positive and loving comments!

Oh and if we get our way, and Andy choose to bring on new talent and we get Penny Drossos and Shelia Giudice, the playing field of love will be defiantly Team Teresa Giudice!


God who are the only source of health and healing, the spirit of calm and the central peace of this universe, grant to me such a consciousness of your indwelling and surrounding presence that I may permit you to give me health and strength and peace, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.